Sunday, November 25, 2007

she said yes + "what if..." + other things

Yet, relationships, school, and various other projects have kept me away from this little webspace. Since I haven't written in awhile I thought I'd just give a few brief updates on some things that have been going on.

the biggest news
As of October 22nd, 2007, I became an engaged man! The very beautiful and creative, Ms. Margaret Ann Murray of Chicago, Illinois has agreed to take me as her husband. Please check out our site for the latest and greatest updates as we move closer to the big day, which we hope will be sometime in mid-August. Right now the site features an amazing photo of Margaret's ring taken by my roommate Joshua Longbrake.

"what if..."
A number of months ago, I was told that Mars Hill Graduate School was going to be the national sponsor of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change Tour starting in February. As the national sponsor we were given 5 minutes to show a short film about MHGS. I was incredibly honored to be asked to produce the project as I really do love this amazing place. My friend from Difted, Sam Sanchez flew in from Chicago to shoot it with me and I have to say that I'm always impressed by his work. My deepest hope when I wrote and shot it was that it would reflect the beauty of MHGS by asking the question, "what if you truly believed the gospel could change the world." Have a look below...

"what if..." an mhgs short film from blainehogan on Vimeo.

collide article
Some of you have wandered onto this site because of my recent article in Collide Magazine, The Art of Tension, about the tension between creating art in the church because you have to and because you must. For those of you who aren't subscribers, I'll be posting the article later this week.


Jarrod said...

You are lucky Margaret drank that secret potion that tricked her into thinking you were beautiful.

Otherwise you would never would have had a chance and you would have ended up with someone like trans-dan allender.

Jake Larson said...

Blaine: Congrats. Also, amazing video you did for Mars; made me want to come. Keep pressing forward, your awesome.

Jake -- Arcade Church, Sacramento