Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the faith + hope + love series

You may have assumed by the lack of blog posts in the last month and a half that things have been very busy. If that is your assumption, then you are correct sir!

School started, a number of projects finished, and a number of others began. These last few weeks have given me much to write about as I jump into my second and final year here at Mars Hill Graduate School. It is amazing to me that a year has already gone by. That said, be on the lookout for much more bloggy-goodness.

In the meantime, a project that has been near to my heart for sometime is finally being realized. We talk about the ideas of faith, hope, and love, a great deal here at school. In fact, the very first class I took last year was called Faith, Hope, and Love. Since that class, I have been working on icons for each word - some image that might get to the essence of what those words mean to me.

My bottle-chandelier was the first attempt at putting those icons to use. Now that I think I've settled on the designs for each icon, I thought how fun it might be to put them on t-shirts.

The shirts are on their way back from the printer at this very moment and I am terribly excited to see how they look. I've done a limited-edition, first-run of 75 shirts and they are now available for $15 at (Big B Studio is the name I've married to the random design and art I've been making these days.)

I hand-drew the icons and then scanned them to create the final image. Also, they have been hand-screened, one at a time, on American Apparel shirts. I would love it if you would head over the store, check them out, maybe pick one up and wear it about town. (Bulk rates are available after the first editions are sold.)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!