Monday, June 11, 2007


It has been quite awhile since my last post. As I was awaiting the switch from the beta version to the new blogger, as well as a new, cleaner design...I simply stopped writing. That combined with classes, papers, relationships, projects, etc...this blog really took a backseat.

Now that I'm back in Seattle for summer classes, my hope is to pick up where I left off. Though it does feel kind of weird to start writing on this thing again. You wonder if anyone still reads it and then there is the "blogger-guilt."

I have a few friends that run online communities and find that sometimes their entire lives are focused on constantly producing new content. Because in the online world, if you don't have new content you basically die.

Despite months of nothing new, I stand alive.

For the two (hi mom!) of you who still read this, I thank you for your patience!

Consider this my humble, re-beginning.


benjamin said...

I am glad you are not dead. I enjoy every bit of your blog. Even if it is only once a trimester.

Joshua Olsen said...

I still read ya bro.

Tapestry Belltown

CurlyChels said...
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May Queen said...

still read