Wednesday, January 24, 2007

movement three

the problem with our eyes / the problem with our hearts

If I’m honest, I want to believe that my interpretation is the right or better one. There is something that happens to us when we are “right.” Quite simply, it feels good. Augustine would say, however, that when the argument or conversation centers around which interpretation is correct instead of which interpretation best glorifies God and our neighbor, we have perverted the dialogue and stunted our growth. If we’re only arguing for what is right, we cannot move forward. Making well-stated cases for this or that theological point just doesn’t go far enough. If facts are where we start and stop I have to wonder then if we believe facts can transform a human heart? Again, it is my heart that needs to change, not simply my mind. Having experienced a change of heart, I find that my vision changes also.

Unfortunately, upon having new vision, things don’t always become “clearer”, in fact, they usually get muddier. And so what do we do when we have been told that things will become clearer when Jesus says that they won’t? This may further paint me as a postmodernist at this point, but I am often struck by preachers who profess that life with Jesus is easier; and while I believe the way of Jesus is the best way to live, I certainly don’t find things easier. Instead I’m left seeing things much less clearly, and with usually with more questions.

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