Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snowing in seattle

It snowed three inches today and I missed it. Oh, I was there alright. I saw it snowing, but still I missed it.

God's blanket of white, pure white, gently pressing down the pause button of our busy, busy souls. All he wanted to say was, "See, look what I can do. Don't you think it's lovely?"

Wildly I flung my hands about. Beat my chest. Screamed a ton and then began furiously shoveling off the snow that threatened to depress my heart's little switch.

No, no I do not think it's lovely. No, I say. I will not be stopped. I will not look. I will not see. I have a life to live and these three inches are about to give me a panic attack. I do not want to be stuck. Stranded. Stopped.

So, please...pack your snow back up and drop it on someone else's heart who might care - who might actually stop and give you praise for interrupting their perfectly busy lives.

It snowed today. Three inches in Seattle. And I missed it. It was beautiful I'm told. It was a Tuesday.

[photo by bob harrington]

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Anonymous said...

blankets don't press buttons--avoid mixed meataphots